PFM Roller Derby

Seattle Roller Derby Club


“I started going to PFM because a friend of mine said she was going to be a derby girl. I thought it was the best idea ever and being the competitive person I am, I ran and got a skater starter kit at Fast Girl Skates. I hadn’t had skates on since I was 11 years old. I found PFM by contacting Jet City, I told them I couldn’t skate. They told me to come here, PFM.

I was really nervous but I walked into the Rats Nest. I put on my gear and skates for the first time, I rolled about 5 feet and landed on my ass. I said, “well that wasn’t so bad,” and started my skating career right then and there. I learned from so many coaches who volunteer their time and pass on the skills and passion for skating. I fell in love with it! The women were so supportive and fun. I made fast friends that I still talk to 4 years later.

I ended up skating for JetCity as a Hula Honey for 2 years, it was amazing. I retired but started to miss skating so I came back to the place where I first learned to skate, it feels like home. I coach sometimes to pass down the things I learn, so does a lot of other alumnae.

So there you go, a snippet of my life in derby. Come down and skate with us, I promise you’ll have fun!”
- Stormy Addams, PFM Roller Derby

“I started playing roller derby because it looked like something fun. And my god, was it ever! I’ve grown, learned, and gained SO MUCH from playing this sport. My self-confidence, which I’ve struggled with for the entirety of my life, is at a record high and continues to grow. I’ve never really gotten along with women until I met all of you. I love having “derby sisters” and “my girls”.

I had a small taste of league life on a fresh meat pool, but voluntarily stepped down. I’m not sure if I’m done with leagues permanently because I do still covet certain aspects of it. In the practices I attended, I learned a hell of a lot and got to know what I need to work to up my game. But I also know that I will never be the type to watch broadcasted bouts of teams I don’t know in order to pick up tactics. I like to attend the league bouts at my leisure to watch and cheer on my favorite skaters, not because I’m required (forced) to be there. I’m also not a competitive person at heart. I don’t like the fact that you compete with fellow teammates to get drafted and again to get rostered, and having to constantly compare myself to “the weakest link”. I just want to play and push myself to be the best skater I can be for myself and not to show off my skills to look good in the eyes of others. Though I certainly love derby, it’s not my life.

What I DO know is my life, however, is the people in it. I have loved getting to know all of you and am so happy to have found a place where I feel I belong. In my darkest hours a few months ago in dealing with immobility due to catastrophic injury, your words, smiles, and thoughts got me through. You do wonderful things for my ego and I am so honored to know all of you. No matter what ends up being my ultimate derby path, nothing will ever compare nor replace my love for PFM. Thanks for always being there for me, in all aspects of the word. I love you.”
- Ruu Thless Phoenix, PFM Roller Derby

“Thank you to all the wonderful ladies of PFM for making the past 6 months some of the best of my life!! From the very first practice to now, I continue to be amazed at how welcoming and accepting you have all been.

Starting out I obviously had no idea what I was doing….and truly had no place being on skates, especially with my broken pelvis. Somehow I made it through new-skater and was on a new high……until I met MoeYaDown & Raspberry Slam……I still have nightmares about that 1st “real” practice!! PFM is so rightfully named because all of you ladies truly do have so much potential!! I really didn’t see it in myself coming into this….even after so many months. Thank you everyone for your encouragement & friendship!! I am so lucky to have met you all and will definitely see around as often as possible because I am not yet done learning from you!!

A special thanks to Zwack for all the honest feedback!! People always say they want real critique but few people actually get it!! I appreciate you taking the time to notice what I could work on and helping me improve!! I really do carry your voice in my head, ‘quiet arms, eyes up…’I already miss you all!! Good luck to everyone in your derby pursuits! Let me know if there is ever a way I can help out!!”
- Shock StopHer, Jet City Rollergirls

“Being part of PFM has been so important to me and my evolution as a skater, an athlete and in some cases as a person. I learned how to socialize with all sorts of people and found my weird little self accepted by a group of women in a totally honest and authentic way I have never experienced before.

You all have no idea how cool you really are. We should all be honored and proud of being a part of PFM, not just because of how important it is to people in derby but also how important it is to have groups of women like this that can learn to love and accept each other for no other reason than derby.

You guys have made my life awesome and anything you ever need, you just let me know. I may not be on core anymore, but if you need help with anything please feel free to ask. I already miss you. This is not goodbye. Please don’t think of it that way, because I’ll be back to visit. This is just me moving on to something I’ve wanted for a while and I couldn’t have gotten here without you.”
- Mod Quad, Rat City Rollergirls