PFM Roller Derby

Seattle Roller Derby Club

PFM Values & Goals

Potential Fresh Meat (PFM) Roller Derby is an independent, volunteer-run roller derby club dedicated to athleticism and roller derby education. We are committed to providing a safe, fun, supportive environment for women of all backgrounds and skill levels. We cater to:

  • Skaters brand new to skating and/or roller derby.
  • Seasoned veterans wanting to skate without league commitments.
  • Current derby skaters wanting some extra practice time.

Our members are lawyers, mothers, firefighters, and grocery store clerks; aspiring rollergirls, retired rollergirls, speed skaters, ice skaters, dance skaters, and haven’t-skated-since-elementary-school-ers. Some of us plan to try out for roller derby leagues, and some stay for the exercise and camaraderie.

PFM is not affiliated with any roller derby league, and skating with PFM doesn’t guarantee you a place on any league. We support ALL Seattle-area leagues.