PFM Roller Derby

Seattle Roller Derby Club

Lea “Ovary Cheever” Engle

Lea Lea “Ovary Cheever” Engle

PFM since: September 2010 (with time off for tending war wounds)
Hails from: Seattle, WA
Day job: Legal Acccounting Clerk
Favorite drills: The worm, relays.
Favorite quote: “I don’t know, they were jammies! They had Yodas and shit on ‘em!”
– Nathan Arizona
Interests: Vermiculture, composting, gardening, plant propogation, thrift stores, true crime, small towns, German, IKEA, IKEA fabric, mid-century modern, real wood,, landscaping, minimalism, horizontal stripes, the paranormal, botanical gardens, small dogs.
Favorite movies: Raising Arizona, Tommy Boy, Black Sheep, Sense & Sensibility (Ang Lee), The Royal Tenenbaums, Santa Sangre, Blue Velvet, anything with Alan Rickman or Christopher Walken.