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About Us

Photos by Robert T. Bakie and Eric Von Flickr (refresh for more!)

Potential Fresh Meat (PFM) is a volunteer-run roller derby club open to all who identify as women 18 years and over interested in learning and practicing the skills needed to play roller derby. Some of our members skate with us to get ready for tryouts for leagues all over the Pacific Northwest, while others skate with PFM because it’s fun and great exercise.

Please note that your participation in PFM does not guarantee you a space on any team, nor is PFM affiliated with any league or place of business.

In order to participate in PFM practices (the first time), and for the safety of all participants, we require you to:

  1. Be able to skate around a rink without falling or holding onto the wall (or other skaters), be willing and open to learn, work hard, have a positive attitude, and have fun!

  2. Have the following properly fitting gear: hard-shelled wrist guards, knee pads, and elbow pads, a helmet, fitted mouth-guard and, of course, your own quad roller skates with indoor wheels.

  3. Email the New Skater coach ( to introduce yourself and get additional information about PFM, including the location of our practice space. You can find out when the next orientation is when you email us.

  4. Attend our New Skater practice (they are held on one Saturday and Wednesday a month; check the calendar for specifics). At these practices we’ll assess your skills and teach you the basics of stopping and falling safely for roller derby, as well as other fun drills to get you rolling derby-style. Once you’ve been cleared, you can begin attending our open practices, which are two or three times per week. WFTDA league members may skip the New Skater class.

  5. Sign the WFTDA waiver (provided at New Skater) before putting on your skates! Private medical insurance is highly recommended.

General rules:

  1. The cost per practice is $8.00 for all drop-in skaters. We also have a “punch card” of 6 drop-ins for $40. Speak to any of our core group members if, after attending a few practices, you want to join PFM Core.

  2. Be respectful and courteous to coaches and fellow skaters: NO side-talking, even to ask “what did she say?”, when the coach is talking. If you don’t understand a drill, coaches will ask if there are any questions at the end of their explanations.

  3. Though it is not required to know every rule inside and out, it is highly, highly recommended that ALL skaters read through the WFTDA rules as most drills are based on an understanding of how the game is played. At the very least, blocking/target zones and cutting the track are key points to understand.

  4. Keep an eye on our calendar for any schedule changes and upcoming practices!

PFM recommends Fast Girl Skates for all of your derby gear needs. Their knowledgeable, friendly staff will help you find the perfect fit for your skates and pads, and they can offer extensive advice on wheels and other skate gear. We have found them to be exceedingly helpful and supportive of our community, so please support Fast Girl Skates!

PFM is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, accepting, open, and supportive to all!